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Portfolios in a Week


Portfolios in a Week

The idea is simple,
our all-inclusive photo tour
will provide you with
enough different photographic experiences
in a week
to create a portfolio.

A Portfolio in a Week!

We go beyond just landscapes, and include photo opportunities for people, culture, urban and nature.

The target audiences for our tours are photographers who want to get to a significant number of beautiful shooting locations, while having someone else look after all the logistics.

While instruction is available, it is not the primary emphasis of the tours. This provides experienced photographers with the maximum amount of time to create images.

In 7 busy days, Portfolios in a Week will provide at least 35 distinct shooting opportunities for experienced photographers to create a portfolio of a region's people, culture and nature.

  • Nature and landscapes.

  • People and culture.

  • Urban and architectural.

  • Led by local guides.

  • Includes all in-country travel, accommodations and meals.

  • Tour scheduled for photographers.

We are currently offering tours through Marlin Travel for:

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About Us

About Us

'Us' is Jamie Johnson and Axel Óskarsson. 

After an amazing trip to Iceland in the summer of 2013 which resulted in some wonderful images taken around the schedule of a fishing trip, it was clear that a photo tour would be in order. However, unlike most photo tours that included only a couple of locations per day and had a significant emphasis on teaching, we wanted to do a tour for experienced photographers that would give them enough different photographic experiences in a week to create a full portfolio.

Not just waterfalls or glaciers, but also people, culture, cities, landscapes to appeal to the photographer that would like to tell a story.

  • Jamie Johnson is the photo leader for the trip, and is a passionate photographer (a term I loved from a course with Steve Simon) who loves to make photos which bring out emotion. Jamie's web site, www.itsallaboutthelight.ca shows off his range of interests.

  • Axel Óskarsson is a native Icelander whose passion for his country is instantly visible. In addition to the tour business, Axel is a Cordon Bleu trained chef, and a fly fisherman par excellence. Axel has lots of information about his non photography tour options at iamiceland.is.