Here are some items that you should consider bringing along with you:

  • Power: Iceland runs on the same power as most of Europe, 220V DC (as opposed to North America with 110V AC). In order to plug in you need at least a travel adaptor since most current computers and battery chargers will run on 220.. We can provide power bars, though you will still need the adaptors.
  • Computer: Most stops will have a high speed internet connection, and when timing permits we will organize a slideshow for people to show off their images during breaks in the shooting.
  • Rain Gear: While it is easier to shoot on a sunny day, cloudy and rainy days can yield some dramatic images. We will provide plastic bags that can be used to wrap equipment in, however your own rain gear is always a good idea.
  • Filters: We will be doing several waterfalls, so bring along a variable neutral density filter in order to get those silky water shots.
  • Tripod: For both waterfalls and aurora borealis, a tripod is a must.
  • Flashes and other lighting: Some of the indoor shooting would definitely benefit from lighting equipment. We will supply an Icelight or two to help with the portrait lighting, however a flash on ETTL would be a good idea.
  • Night gear: We do plan a couple of outdoor shoots at night for auroras, so you will want to bring along a head lamp (preferably with a red option), along with light gloves for the cooler evenings.
  • Cell Phones: Cell coverage in Iceland is extensive, and coverage is available through most of the country. If your phone is unlocked, you can pick up a prepaid card from multiple suppliers.

Here are some resources that you might want to check out: