Stops in the Iceland 2016 Trip

One of the things that makes our trips different is the number of places we stop for images. Since we are not doing a 'workshop', we can stop at many more places during out trips. 

We promise 35, 5 per day. That will include a number of 'A' stops which are the best stops which are one or two per day, and each will be between 2 and 6 hours. The 'B' stops are 30 minutes, and could be 3 to 5 per day, and as we drive along, the 'C' stops of opportunity could be 10 or more of 5 minutes.

Our 2016 tour did include a lot of stops, 120 different locations during the 7 day tour, along with the extra 3 days, and the bonus days at the start and the end if the tour. The proof, check out the images below: