Iceland 2014-05-17 to 24

The tour begins early on Sunday the May 17, and continues with a busy schedule until the evening of Saturday the 24th. A set of bonus shoots on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 25 are available for participants who arrive early or are staying late.

Nature and Landscapes

 This is a unique country with its glaciers, geysers, volcanos, lava fields, waterfalls, mountains, beaches and fjords, not to mention the sea birds, whales and the aurora borealis.

The tour is timed to take advantage of Iceland's long golden hour opportunities with these natural wonders. 

People and Culture

The tour will include many shooting opportunities with local people and culture. Iceland's unique farms and fishing culture, including the sheep and Icelandic horses will be featured.

Urban and Architecture

Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland has some unique architecture that will be available shoots. In addition, the rural churches, homes and abandoned buildings will provide an urban portion for the tour.